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After the construction company I worked for over the last 5 years closed down, I found myself out of work. I went to a couple of job interviews and found I did badly. VJ at helped prepare me one on one via Skype for the interview process again and coached me on overcoming my nervousness. He also helped me tweak my resume so I would stand out. To be honest, I haven’t found a job yet, but VJ helped me in my job search.

Keri R (Accounting)- Salem, OR

Just a quick note saying thank you! Got accepted for a great job selling cars so that I can once again take care of my family. I owe you big time for your support and wisdom you shared.

William C (Sales)-  Rochester, NY

Vijay is a great interview coach. Very professional. I was always so scared of interviewing before. He gave me confidence.

Julia (Biotech)- Los Angeles, CA

I was working in a bank for the last 5 years but my growth was almost zero. No appreciation, no monetary incentives and no additional benefits I was getting. Then I moved on to find a good job. I got chances to give interviews but even being an experience banker I was unable to clear the interviews. With some of my reference I took coaching classes online from Vijay and enhance my ability to answers the questions, how to sit, talk and other traits. I greatly appreciate Vijay as he makes me willingness to get success in interviews. I still in touch with vijay and recommend all to interact with him if you want bright career.

Nancy (Banking)- Dallas, TX

I got the job ! Thanks for all your help in the interview process.

Andrew (Financial Services)- Los Angeles, CA

My company matched [retracted] offer so I ended up staying. Still appreciate all your help. If you need a reference let me know.

Alec (Sales and Marketing)- Los Angeles, CA

You gave me some good ideas about how to mention the best parts of my resume in the interview.

Vincent (Retail Management)- Los Angeles

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