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Career Seminars and Resume Workshops

Vijay Ingam, the founder of Interview SOS, gives fully interactive Career Seminars and Resume Workshops to groups and organizations in southern California. These seminars will ensure that the members of your organization are prepared for this difficult job market. Past seminars have been given to Americorps volunteers, UCLA student professional organizations, and Los Angeles area summer internship programs. Listen to some excerpts from a recent career seminar.

A typical Career Seminar and Resume Workshop covers the following subjects:

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Job interview preparation

Career Seminars and Resume Workshops include a PowerPoint presentation and interactive workshop exercises designed to help seminar participants develop resume writing, cover letter writing and job interview skills. Seminar organization, length, and activities can be modified to meet the needs of your organization.

Seminar participants should expect to bring their resumes, cover letters, and questions about the career process. Audience participation is strongly encouraged and small prizes will be given to audience members who answer questions.

We are happy to provide references from past seminar participants to show how successful our seminars have been in the past. We will also provide sample slides from past workshops.

Seminars are typically billed at hourly rates including transportation time to and from the seminar location. Please call 310-309-1998 to check availability.

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