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We will Write an Outstanding, Personalized Letter of Recommendation for You.


A Strong Reference Letter is Critical for Your Application for Employment, College, or Graduate School.

Whether you are applying for your dream job or want to get into the program of your choice at the top-level universities you need to play your cards well. Nothing gets you faster inside these hallowed institutes then a powerful and impressive Recommendation Letter! At Interview SOS, we consider our reference writing service to be our “secret weapon,” one of the reasons we are able to get so many of our clients into high powered jobs and top colleges and graduate schools.



  • Ensures you get a great letter of reference for your employment or admission needs
  • Unique and personalized for you and your background
  • Complies with professional and academic honesty standards
  • Saves time and energy for your reference
  • You can meet us at our offices in West Los Angeles or over Skype or phone anywhere in the world

Is Your Letter Of Recommendation Amazing – Or Simply OK?

The simple fact is that a strong letter of recommendation is vital. An outstanding letter of recommendation doesn’t just set you apart from the crowd – it also maximizes your chances of getting the job you want or being accepted into the educational institution of your choice.

No matter who you asked to write your current one – whether it’s a former employer or a respected teacher – they don’t necessarily know how to write a killer letter of recommendation or have the time to do it. Your letter of recommendation saying “he’s a great guy” might be true – but how does that help you? Your well-intentioned reference has simply provided you with another form letter of recommendation that really doesn’t help your prospects.


We offer a dedicated letter of recommendation writing service that’s tailored to fit your needs. Why should you pick us?

  • Writing style: our writers are professionals that create engaging, readable letters
  • Professional knowledge: our writers know what admissions committees and employers are looking for
  • Personalized: We don’t use form letters, making each letter completely unique

We Work With Your Reference To Create The Perfect Letter For You

Of course, we don’t know you or your reference. That’s why we work with you. We offer two styles of this service:

  • Help Your Reference Write: We’ll talk with you to find out more about what you want from your letter, and then contact your reference to help them create the perfect letter of reference for you.
  • Write For Your Reference: Your reference may simply be happy for us to write the reference and provide it to them so they can simply submit it. In this case, we’ll interview you.

Before ordering this service, you need to tell us that your reference has agreed to collaborate with us for the perfect reference. One simple way to get them to agree is to remind them how much time they can save: in some cases, they only need to review the reference then sign it.

NOTE: All of our letters of reference are vetted, approved and submitted by your chosen reference; they are guaranteed to be 100% truthful in reflecting your academic or work experience.

Get Your Outstanding Letter Of Reference Today And Enjoy A Boost In Interest From Employers And Colleges! We’ve Helped People In The Following Areas:

  • Employment in a wide range of industries
  • College (BA / BS)
  • Medical School (MD & DO)
  • Business School (MBA)
  • Nursing School (RN, ASN, BSN, & MSN)
  • Dental School (DMD & DDS)
  • Pharmacy School (Pharm.D)
  • Physician Assistant School (PA)
  • Doctoral Programs (PhD)
  • Masters Programs (MA & MS)
  • Law School (JD)
  • Medical Residency Programs
  • Marshall and Rhodes Scholar programs

You can see samples of our past work.

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