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You Can Get Your Resume Done by the Graduate of a TOP Business School

Is Your Resume Working For You Or Is It Letting You Down Badly?

Need a cover letter, too? We’ve got that covered—along with dozens of other services devoted to helping you make the most of your professional and academic credentials, impressing prospective future employers—our professional resume and cover letter writers will sprinkle that extra magic into your applications that gives you a competitive edge in today’s tough job markets.

You need this, because the average hiring manager spends less than a minute reading your resume—and if it’s not concise and easy to read, it’s going straight in the trash along with your hopes for employment.

We use a 1-page resume format first developed by Harvard Business School and the UCLA Business School—a format that allows us to pack your academic credentials, marketable skills and professional achievements onto a sheet of A4.

Our resume writers are experts who have worked in some of America’s top business schools, including Harvard, UCLA and USC—with personal experience in over thirty industries, they are recognized experts in their fields.


Premium Resume Service ($275) Get a professional resume within 5 business days of submitting your information via our easy online form.

Cover Letter ($125) – A professional cover letter to go with your resume.

Thank you Letter ($75) A professional thank you letter to send after a job interview.

Rush Service ($29.99) Get your resume done within 2 business days.

What Happens When I Order?

Order our service today and we will have you fill out an online questionnaire with questions about your work experience, academic background and achievements—if you prefer, you can request a phone consultation or visit us at our offices in West Los Angeles near UCLA and meet with a professional resume writer.

Do You Have Any Guidelines?

Our guidelines are simple, and designed to give you the best possible service with a minimum of fuss:

  • 1-page resumes only—no CVs
  • Times New Roman and Calibri used for maximum legibility
  • 10, 11 or 12 point font used
  • Using 10, 11 or 12 point font
  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”—if your resume is already great, we won’t change it
  • Chicago Manual of Style’s grammatical conventions observed
  • Bullet points are used to attract the eye to important details
  • We focus on the names of companies worked for, your position and job description rather than dates
  • Our resumes are divided into sections separated by lines
  • We do not include more than 4 jobs or 7 years of work experience on a resume unless it is absolutely essential.
  • Do not include high school education on resume unless you are under 20 years old and have not attended college
  • For legal reasons, we cannot make statements in your resume that do not reflect your work history and job responsibilities. Our resumes are a based on the information you provided us

Your resume is the key to getting the job of your dreams—without a good resume, you’re playing a dangerous game in a vicious job market in an economy that is continuing to flounder: it’s time to arm yourself with the right weapons.

Contact us at 310-309-1998 or even drop into our offices in West Los Angeles to get started with a glowing resume that helps you get the job you want and stand out against your competitors.

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