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Sample Cover Letters, Resumes, Application Essays, Personal Statements, and Reference Letters (Letters of Recommendation)

These samples show the benefits of Interview SOS. We enable our client to demonstrate their academic and professional experience and qualifications in clear and concise language. We can assist you in marketing yourself more successfully.

Please find a small sample of the resumes and cover letters we have created for past clients. Please see our “Resume Guidelines” below for detailed explanations of our resume format. Important facts (employers, educational institutions, places, etc.) in each document have been changed.

Resume for an Accountant

Resume for a Psychologist

Resume for an Experienced Automotive Executive

Resume for a Financial Analyst

Resume for Non-Profit Management

Find some samples of the professional cover letters we have created for our past clients. As previously, important specifics (employers, colleges, places, etc.) in each cover letter have been altered.

Cover Letter for an Accountant (Example 1)

Cover Letter for an Accountant (Example 2)

Cover Letter for a Recent Aviation Engineering Graduate

Cover Letter for Client Relationship Management

Cover Letter for a Current College Student Applying for Consulting Jobs

Cover Letter for a Counselor

Cover Letter for an Automotive Executive (Senior Level)

Cover Letter for Medical Sales Representative (Career Changer)

Although we display only a small number of resumes and cover letters on our website, Interview SOS has assisted thousands of job applicants in numerous industries, including:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Education
  • Sales, Marketing, and Broadcastings
  • Computers, Information Technology, and Engineering
  • Non Profit Management
  • Logistics and Operations Management
  • Human Resources and Counseling
  • Secretarial and Administration
  • Medicine, Nursing and Healthcare
  • And many more!

These are small number of the admissions essays and personal statements and we have assisted our past clients to write for their successful applications to college, graduate school, and medical residency programs. Significant details in each essay (colleges, employers, places, etc.) have been altered.Note how each admissions essay describes in clear and concise language how the client’s personal, academic, and professional background and leadership activities have motivated them to select their chosen field of study and equipped them to succeed in it. Each application essay is entirely personal and unique to the client.Common Application Personal Statement (College Application)Artist Statement (College Application)Personal Statement for Business School (MBA) ApplicationMedical School (MD) Personal Statement

Physicians Assistant (PA) School Personal Statement

Pharmacy School (Pharm.D.) Personal Statement

Personal Statement for Physicians Assistant (PA) School at University X

Personal Statement for Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) School

Personal Statement for Residency in Neurosurgery

The Interview SOS has experience-assisting applicants in a wide variety of fields of study. We have assisted thousands of applicants successfully prepare for entry into:

  • College (BS / BA)
  • Business School (MBA)
  • Medical School (DO & MD)
  • Dental School (DMD & DDS)
  • Nursing School (RN, ASN, BSN, & MSN)
  • Physician Assistant School (PA)
  • Doctor of Optometry Programs (O.D.)
  • Pharmacy School (Pharm.D)
  • Law School (JD)
  • Doctoral Programs (PhD)
  • Masters Programs (MA & MS)
  • Marshall and Rhodes Scholar programs (yes, we have helped clients apply for prestigious Rhodes and Mar¬shall Scholarships!)
  • Medical Residency Programs
  • And many more!
These are samples of the Letters of Reference Letters / Letters of Recommendation we have helped our past clients produce for their successful applications for employment or higher education. Each letter summarizes in clear and concise language the positive impressions that the reference has of the applicant. These letters do not violate academic standards because each letter was signed and submitted by the reference.

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