I have decided to start providing job interview preparation services by phone, Skype and Google voice and video chat. In fact, my whole company, Interview SOS, is based on that concept.

I have to thank my friend Joy for the idea. (Enclosed is a photo of me and Joy at the Shanghai Expo in China in 2010.) Several months ago, Joy asked me for help with her job interviews for positions in law. The problem is that Joy lives in Shanghai and I live in Los Angeles!

So, I decided to help Joy by videoconferencing with her over Skype for a few hours. Joy was like a regular career coaching client; the only difference was we were videoconferencing instead of meeting in person in Los Angeles. I could help Joy overcome her nervousness, identify the strengths in her job application, and prepare answers to tough job interview questions very efficiently by videoconference. She subsequently landed a job at a prestigious law firm in Shanghai.  It made me realize that I could provide the same job interview coaching services for anyone in the world.

There are huge benefits to getting career coaching by internet videoconference or phone:

  • Skype and Google are free
  • It saves time in commuting.
  • You can get a career coaching session anywhere in the world

So if you’re looking for someone to help you prepare for a job interview please contact me and we’ll schedule a time to talk via Skype. And if you’re looking for a sharp corporate lawyer in Shanghai, Joy is definitely the one for you.