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Why You Need Professional Help For Reference Letters

Whether you are applying for your dream job or for admission to a highly-ranked university, you need to play your cards well. Nothing gets you inside these highly competitive companies and educational institutions faster than a powerful and impressive letter of recommendation that sets you apart from the crowd!

But, is your letter of recommendation amazing – or just OK?

Whoever your reference is – whether it’s a former employer or a respected professor – they don’t know how to write a killer letter of recommendation or simply don’t have the time to do it. A reference letter praising you as “a friendly and polite student” might be true, but how does that help your application? Too often, letters of recommendation are so generic, they don’t demonstrate your competitive advantages over other candidates.

At Interview SOS, we consider our reference writing service to be our “secret weapon” that helps so many of our clients get into high-powered jobs, top colleges, and leading graduate schools.

How We Can Help

We work with your references to create the perfect letter for you, which can be done in one of two ways:

Help Your
Reference Write

We’ll talk with you to find out more about what you want from your letter, and then contact your reference to help them create the perfect letter of reference for you.

Write For
Your Reference

Your reference may be happy for us simply to write the reference letter on their behalf. In this case, we’ll interview you and write the perfect letter of recommendation for you.

Before ordering this service, we need your confirmation that your reference has agreed to collaborate with us on the perfect letter of recommendation that will help your application. One simple way to obtain their blessings is to remind them how much time they can save; sometimes, they only need to review the reference and then sign it.

NOTE: All our letters of reference are vetted, approved, and submitted by your chosen references; they are guaranteed to be 100% truthful in reflecting your academic or work experience.

What You Will Get From Our Reference Writing Service ($145)


Why You Should Choose Us

We offer a dedicated letter of recommendation writing service that’s tailored to fit your needs.

  • Writing Style: Our writers are professionals that create engaging, readable letters.

  • Professional Knowledge: Our writers know what admissions committees and employers are looking for.

  • Personalization: We don’t use form-based letters, making each letter unique and customized to each of our clients.


With 7,000 satisfied customers and counting, Interview SOS has unmatched expertise in job applications and college and graduate school admissions. Our experienced consultants and qualified letter of recommendation writers have helped applicants get into a variety of competitive jobs, top colleges, and leading graduate schools.

Interview SOS will ensure you make a great impression in your application for employment or higher education, so you have the best chance of getting a job offer you want or acceptance letter from the institution of your choice.

We can meet with you anywhere in the world. You can meet us face-to-face at our office in Los Angeles, or via Skype, FaceTime, and Google Chat.

Call us at 1-800-212-2670 to get started or fill out the form below to have our experts call you as soon as possible!

Client Testimonials

I got the job that Vijay helped me prepare for! Honestly, I believe his advice was put me ahead of the other candidates.

Alexis (Legal)

Vijay is great!! He helped me to prepare for job interviews and with my resume. He helped me structure my thoughts to create answers to common questions that could be asked. I learned how showing passion for my work and preparing for interviews makes a BIG difference. I definitely felt more confident going into an interview. I’m glad I sought out help from Vijay. Highly recommend!

Jess (Human resources) – Long Beach, CA

I was intimidated by the MBA application process but Joe at SOS made it so much more manageable. He assisted me find clarity in the essays, came up with a sound strategic approach to improve my GMAT scores, and the interview instruction he provided me with…he literally knew exactly what they were going to ask! Thanks
Jennifer (Masters of Business Administration) – Los Angeles, CA

Hi Vijay. I wanted to let you know that I got into Duke! Thanks for your help.
Kelsey (Nursing) – Los Angeles, CA

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