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We are very proud of the testimonials we have earned from our many clients for career services (interview coaching and resume writing) and college and graduate admissions services (interview coaching, application consulting, personal statement writing, and letter of recommendation).

Career Service

I got the job that Vijay helped me prepare for! Honestly, I believe his advice was put me ahead of the other candidates.

Alexis (Legal)


Doesn’t get any better than the crew at Interview SOS. Their website is accurate and full of useful tools, the staff treat you like you are giving them a million bucks, but the prices are very reasonable. I truly enjoyed Vijay’s expertise. He encouraged me to take notes and record the meeting which was a great help. I have referred my friends because it’s the best use of your time and $. The team also does Skype meetings also. Outstanding service.

Sak (Software Engineering)


SOS was outstanding in guiding me on how to show pride and enthusiasm in the job interview. He helped to draw out my accomplishments and praise from my previous work. This was an outstanding service and a big help to me.

Dustin (Real Estate Management)

My session with SOS was extremely helpful and I wish I’d done it years ago. Their method of helping you frame the story you need to tell about yourself is terrific, and it was highly beneficial to have someone with experience assisting me to hone the details of my narrative. I have a real hodgepodge of job experiences and part of what SOS did so well was to help me understand why I really was qualified to do the job I was applying for. After our session, I had a lot more faith in my abilities and experience and I know that it came through in my interviews. I had 4 of them in 2 days and they all went really well. 2 days later, I was offered the job. I strongly recommend SOS. I think my session with them will pay off for years to come.
Kelly (Human resources) – Los Angeles, CA


SOS is great! I never have had any interviews before, so asked many silly questions. But he is really patient and helped me to practice, encouraging me. Recommend!

Yu (Finance) – London, UK


Vijay really aided me to make my answers more concise, straight to the point, and focus on my strengths. He also helped me to gain my confidence and even answered my questions regarding interviews after our two-hour face-to-face sessions. Appreciate it!

C.W. (Technology) – San Jose, CA


For the past 2 years I have tried to change jobs with no success. I am highly-qualified and would get the interview but would bomb it. Then it came down to this job opportunity that I REALLY wanted, and I could not take the risk of going unprepared. I contacted Vijay and he saw me the next day. I had only one day to prepare, but Vijay worked with me meticulously, not only did he help me build my confidence, he also helped me shine. I went in for the interview and did better than I had ever done before. Unfortunately, I was their second choice. A week later I got a call for another interview for an even better position- I called Vijay and he coached me over the phone. This time around I was even better equipped with the knowledge Vijay had shared with me- seriously the guy is brilliant- this morning I found out that I got the job offer! No matter who you are or where you are applying, Vijay can help you. He knows exactly how to answer any kind of question, in any field. If the question seems confusing, he will arm you with the ability to break it down and make sense of it. His services are worth every penny- I cannot thank him enough!

Naz (Education) – Redondo Beach, CA


This is an extremely valuable consulting service for job seekers and more. Jo is a bright and personable guy, and he gave me two hours of great feedback and assistance with my interviewing skills. Reasonable & worth every penny.

Andrew (Sports Management) – Los Angeles, CA


Vijay has real passion for helping people.
Thank you for helping me with the interview questions & my resume!
Judy (IT Security) – South Gate, CA


Vijay was great. It has been a long time since I last interviewed and I wanted to polish on my interviewing skills. Vijay really delivered and my interview went great.

Armando (Government) – Calabasas, CA


I give Vijay a A+ and HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is looking to change jobs, land a first job, find themselves more professionally, or even to maximize job offer options. He was very helpful personally to me in preparing for my interview over Skype. I was impressed by how knowledgeable he was about the whole job interview process. He helped me summarize my qualifications more effectively and show my passion and pride. He helped me to make a great impression in the interview and get the job offer I really wanted. I strongly suggest anyone who needs help in a job interview utilize his service.

Tamara (Banking) – Manhattan, NY


My cousin just graduated from UCLA and was having trouble getting a job in TV marketing when one of my friends suggested she meet Vijay.
She went through 2 interview sessions conducted by Vijay. It really helped her in building confidence for her job search. After getting to know her, he wrote a really great resume. And as a result she cleared 3 interviews at reputed TV marketing firms in LA and got a job offer at her favorite firm. I thank Vijay for saving her from a lot of mental trauma in her job search.

Helen (Entertainment Marketing) – Anaheim, CA


Working with this SOS is a prime investment in yourself.

Anyone who wants to advance themselves should utilize a service like this. I am extremely happy I picked Vijay and his company.

From the first phone call I knew that I wanted to work with him and my results were even better than what I expected.

I strongly suggest anyone who retains SOS for resume critiquing pursue the phone consultation; this is where Vijay was able to assess marketable skills.

I have full faith in everything he told me & felt that I was being led in the right direction.

I certainly hope to do business with them again and strongly recommend them.


John (Marketing and media) – Pompano Beach, FL


Vijay did a great job preparing me for my interviews. He took his time to answer all of my questions and even responded to my email inquiry a month after our coaching session. I highly recommend him.

Ami (Human resources) – Los Angeles, CA


Meeting with VJ was super helpful! I needed help on my interview skills and VJ eased my anxiety and gave me confidence to answer every question. We organized my work and activities I had done into a concise summary and he gave great tips on my delivery also. I definitely recommend him!

Michael (Science) – Beverly Hills, CA


Vijay was a tremendous help to me. He is straightforward and tactful. We addressed ourselves directly to auditing a few of my uncomfortable interview tactics, drilled down into how to optimize if not eliminate them and ended on a really positive, encouraging note. He did not waste a minute of our meeting giving me an introductory build-up or sales spiel. Vijay only mentioned himself to the extent that he could identify with my experiences, which was very thoughtful. Our session was impressively productive and a worthwhile investment. Thank you!

Paige (Technology) – Los Angeles, CA


Vijay is a real pro. In our meeting, he was able to extrapolate the most important information for my resume in a brisk amount of time and kept the conversation moving in an effective and positive direction.

Thanks Vijay and good luck to you!

Mike (Legal) – Beverly Hills, CA


I had a very good experience with this place. I have tried many times applying for the position and I have never got it. After visiting interview SOS, I’m now in the final part of interview process. The lesson was really helpful and I’m really glad I did it. There are many useful tips that will help you. Definitely worth it if you are trying to apply for your dream job.

Nicole (Education) – Lafayette, CA


Vijay was absolutely amazing! He was very knowledgeable in the job search field and gave me some great tips on what employers are looking for. Beyond worth the money! I have not started applying for jobs yet but my resume and cover letter look great and completely different than before (which is a great thing considering I never got a call back from any employers with my old resume although I met the qualifications). My friend is in the process of checking him out now and I will go back to him for one on one interview session when I get a call back *fingers crossed.* Thanks Vijay!

Una (Health care) – Marina del Rey, CA


5 +

I met with Vijay about 3 weeks ago. He prepared me in only ONE session to be fully prepared and confident for my interviews in education administration. I learned how to streamline my answers and project my passion for my work. Don’t waste your time and energy buying and reading interviewing skills books; Vijay has what you need to ace the interview. Worth the drive to LA and a bargain for his quality of service.

Thank you Vijay!

Elvira (Education)- Thousand Oaks, CA


I went here for my resume and interview preparation. VJ was great: he wrote a fantastic resume and cover letter and worked with me on my terrible interviewing skills. I left there full of great answers to interview questions. I would absolutely recommend Vj to anyone who wants to get an edge up in the job market.

Shana (Entertainment Management) – Middletown, NY


Thank you VJ. He was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to assist on a rush basis on more than once. He was available to answer questions and help as needed even outside of the regular business day. He is knowledgeable in this business.

R.C. (Sales) – San Marino, CA


Vijay is great!! He helped me to prepare for job interviews and with my resume. He helped me structure my thoughts to create answers to common questions that could be asked. I learned how showing passion for my work and preparing for interviews makes a BIG difference. I definitely felt more confident going into an interview. I’m glad I sought out help from Vijay. Highly recommend!

Jess (Human resources) – Long Beach, CA


Thanks to Interview SOS, I got the job offer I wanted! After the meeting with Vijay, I started getting second rounds, third / final round interviews and ultimately the job offer I wanted! THANK YOU!

Melaine (Finance / Investment Banking) – San Francisco, CA


In the past I’ve used online resources and well-known interview books. While those resources are helpful, Vijay does great job of pulling information from u to confirm you’re giving the best possible answers. In 2 hours you will have what you need to succeed in the interview. And while this is a business, Vijay actually seems to care about clients. This is the best interview prep that I am aware of and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has an upcoming interview.

Scott (Entertainment Media Management) – Los Angeles, CA


Being fresh out of college, it was difficult for me to know where to start when searching for a job. Naturally, I wanted a career that was in the field that I had been struggling to learn for the last 4 years. As it turns out, Vijay is a very good coach, and was able to show me exactly how to do what I needed to do. He helped me build up a resume, prepare for every question that they could throw at me, speak and dress professionally and confidently, and really present myself in a way that stood out. I am very happy to say that I got the job, and I couldn’t be happier! I really believe that I own the success of my interview to Vijay, he really does know what he’s doing, I highly recommend him to anyone who might be nervous before going to an interview.

Cassiel (Management Consulting) – St. Petersburg, FL


Vijay has an incredible educational class on job interviewing. I can’t recommend it enough. It was such a helpful class and easily one of the best purchases I have ever made. Again, thanks so much!

Julio (Education) – Oxnard, CA


Vijay is absolutely amazing!! He knows how to properly structure your work and provides great insight on what exactly you accomplished during your time on the job. Great listener with a great deal of wisdom on how to conduct yourself during an interview. With Vijay’s help I was able to live my dream and work as a Pro-Scout for the Oakland Raiders. He gave me confidence and helped me prepare for possible questions I could get asked. Outstanding work and very professional. Very kind and patient. If you need help in almost any field, VIJAY’S YOUR GUY!

Stacey (Education) – Redondo Beach, CA


VJ gets to the point, and got the job done for me! He was able to turn my resume into Gold. I highly recommend his service and the onsite meeting option.
JC (Legal) – Los Angeles, CA


My discussion with Vijay was valuable and I am glad I met him relatively early in my job search. He has helped me to identify and communicate my value to employers in the best way.
Chris (Operations) – Santa Monica, CA


Vijay is an outstanding mentor for effective interviewing technique. He really helped me to clarify my initially clumsy message into a compelling story that has engaged interviewers from multiple companies and positions. I feel like I have now cracked the ‘code” and can compete for jobs that I am a great fit for. I strongly recommend Vijay for anyone that wants an approachable and an unbiased sounding board for their personal foundational narrative.

Jay (Law enforcement) – Redondo Beach, CA


I highly recommend VJ to anyone wanting to improve their delivery and get valuable feedback. He works miracles!
Arevik (Finance) – Los Angeles, CA


I didn’t know what to expect when I first signed up for Interview SOS Services, but after my first conversation with VJ, I knew it was money well spent.

I feel more confident about my upcoming interview thanks to my 2 hour session with VJ. He helped me formulate clear and concise answers to commonly asked questions.

His help with my cover letter and resume is what made this opportunity possible for me.

Deborah (Hospitality Management) – Lexington, KY


Vijay is a talented individual with deep knowledge and experience in many industries, so he understands career consulting very well and only offers his service because he is exceptional and very passionate about it. Working with him will get you on the right track guaranteed.

Matthew (Education) – Brentwood, CA


I was struggling to find a job as a travel agent after my husband and I moved to Los Angeles. English is not my 1st language and I trouble talking in interviews.
Vijay met with me and wrote my cover letter and resume. He also helped me prepare answers to common job interview questions. I was so well prepared for interviews that the boss at my new company offered me a job on the spot.
I strongly recommend Vijay to you.

Sally (Sales) – Los Angeles, CA



I was driving and thinking about who else I need to thank for their help. I thought of you and said to myself I need to text or email Vijay tonight. So sorry I didn’t get to you earlier, but the answer is YES! And I have to admit that I give you HUGE credit for my acceptance. You helped me so much with the whole process and I am so incredibly thankful for all of your help. I’ll be starting this coming fall as a medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine!!!
Danny (Medical Student)-Los Angeles, CA


I was just interviewed by LMU and 99% of what he coached me on showed up! Even with random questions they asked, I was confident & prepared enough to answered them. Recommending my friends for their graduate endeavors. Thanks
Christian (Doctor of Physical Therapy) – Los Angeles, CA


I just wanted to update you and let you know that I got accepted to Touro Med!! Thank you so much for all of your help with the interview prep. It definitely made me more confident and I was really able to convey why I believe I would make a great physician in the future based on my accomplishments. This interview in particular was group format so there were five candidates and three interviewers, which was nerve wracking at first. But I became comfortable very quickly and was able to shine with confidence and answer each question concisely. Thank you again so much and I wish you a very happy holiday season!
Alya (Medical School) – Los Angeles, CA


I was intimidated by the MBA application process but Joe at SOS made it so much more manageable. He assisted me find clarity in the essays, came up with a sound strategic approach to improve my GMAT scores, and the interview instruction he provided me with…he literally knew exactly what they were going to ask! Thanks
Jennifer (Masters of Business Administration) – Los Angeles, CA

SOS did an excellent job in preparing me for my medical school interview. I highly recommend them.
Lisa (Medical School) – Los Angeles, CA


I’m a 2nd year graduate student at UCLA who just finished applying to multiple study abroad fellowships such as the Marshall and Rhodes Scholarship. Knowing the interview would be the most important part of the application, I came to Vijay for coaching. And I’m so glad I did!
Vijay not only assisted me formulate strong answers to questions that I could expect, but also prepped me to answer curveball questions using general responses that could be widely applicable. But most importantly, he showed me interviewing methods that would help me convey passion and would leave a lasting impression on the interviewers. Thanks to time preparing with Vijay, I had an exceptional interview experiences, and the skills I learned with Vijay will continue to be invaluable in my future career as I continue on to job and academic interviews.
Highly recommended to all individuals applying to jobs, medical school, or any other position that requires interviews. Vijay is really great at what he does.
Alex (Marshall Scholarship and Rhodes Scholarship Programs) – Los Angeles, CA


I HIGHLY recommend Interview SOS to prep for med school interviews.
I met with Vijay back in Sept 2014 to prepare for some upcoming med school interviews. I had no prior experience interviewing and thought hiring a coach would maximize my chances of getting in. Vijay thoroughly prepared me on how to talk about myself, my resume, answer common questions, handle difficult & uncomfortable questions, and present myself as best as possible.
Of the seven interviews I attended, I was accepted at four schools, wait listed at two schools, and rejected from one. In addition, I received scholarship offers at 3 schools. I believe that my work with Vijay was imperative to my success this application cycle. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and is able to really tailor each answer to the candidate and school. This specialized attention built my confidence and molded me into the “perfect fit” for each school I applied to.
Thank you!
Anna (Medical School) – Beverly Hills, CA


Vijay is great! He really helps a lot! We went through common questions for interview and also discussed a lot about the possible questions focusing on my own experience. Vijay helped me with great answers as well as the tone when answering the questions. In addition, he make me realize of where to emphasis and how to deal with unexpected questions. He’s really professional at interview training and encourage me a lot. I feel more confident after this 2-hour session.
Update: The actual interview went very well. I have got the offer from my dream graduate program. Thank you, Vijay.
Jill (Graduate School) – Los Angeles, CA


If you are applying to med school, Vijay will really help you out. He will prepare you for the exact questionsthey will ask, and he will offer great recommendations on how to sell yourself as a viable candidate. Even if the questions in your actual interview aren’t presented in a straightforward way, you will be ready to answer them because Vijay’s method of prep involves forming a cohesive vision of who you are and your aspirations and career goals rather than just memorizing answers to common questions. Difficult questions become much easier to answer when you have a more clear idea of your own goals and skill-set. I definitely thought it was worth the money and would recommend Vijay’s services to anyone applying to med school in a heartbeat.
Update: I was accepted to the medical school of my dreams; and I could not have done it without Vijay. I strongly recommend his services.
Charles (Medical School) – New York, NY


SOS is great!!!! I went in about a month ago for interview prep for several of psychology doctorate graduate programs. We worked on great answers for many common questions. Also, Vijay gave great advice about how to display excitement and passion during my interviews. As someone who had never interviewed before, I was very nervous for them, I definitely recommend this services. I got into all of the programs that I interviewed for.
Isabel (Doctoral Programs in Psychology) – Riverside, CA


I thought I had no chance of getting into med school. After working with Vijay however, everything changed. He helped me tremendously with my application & interview skills and I have recently been accepted into med school! I am grateful to have worked with him.
Allan (Medical School) – Anaheim, CA


Last year SOS helped me to prepare for my business school interviews at Rice & Emory. Afterward I felt confident and prepared and knew how to answer most of the questions I got. They seemed to really care about me and my success.
Cynthia (Masters of Business Administration) – Austin, TX


Hi Vijay. I wanted to let you know that I got into Duke! Thanks for your help.
Kelsey (Nursing) – Los Angeles, CA


I just wanted to thank you on how much you helped me prepare for the interview. I just got the letter from Columbia saying that I got accepted! I don’t know if I could’ve done it without you. I was prepared for the interview. thank to you and I truly appreciate everything you did for me!

With gratitude,

Brian (College) – New York, NY


Vijay was a awesome mentor to me when it came to assisting me write my college application essays. He patiently listened to my ideas and assisted me implement them in a professional manner. Thanks to his support I was able to get into the schools I wanted. I would strongly recommend to anyone who is going through the same college application process as me.
Radha (College) – Naperville, IL


I strongly recommend Interview SOS. I was desperate for a college coach because my twins have not started their college appsn and November is around the corner. I went to Angies list and saw and called this company. The same day Vijay called me and I told him about our problem. He gave us HOPE. He set up the appointment right away for my twins and went to our house, instead of us going to his office. He gave us a very reasonable rate that we could afford. For two weeks, he worked with my twins patiently; checking everything in details, until they finished the application and he made certain that it was all submitted before we went on our vacation, which we all deserve. He also made follow up calls to us, to make sure that all the documents are submitted like teachers recommendations, sat/act scores, and transcripts.

Vijay treated my twins like family and not just clients. He is very professional and he’ll tell you on what he can do, to the best of his ability for your child to be accepted in a great college or university. In my twin’s case, Stanford and UCLA are what we are all aiming for them. I think because of what SOS produced in the application, that I am confident the they’ll be accepted. I could not have done it without them because I did not go to college here.

So in behalf of my twins and I, we desire to thank you very much for all your help and we really appreciate it. We wish you and your staff a Happy Thanksgiving. May the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ bless all of you!

Susane (College Admissions) – Los Angeles, CA


I’m a 2nd year graduate student at UCLA who just finished applying to multiple study abroad fellowships such as the Marshall and Rhodes Scholarship. Knowing the interview would be the most important part of the application; I came to Vijay for coaching. And I’m so glad I did!

Vijay not only assisted me formulate strong answers to questions that I could expect, but also prepped me to answer curveball questions using general responses that could be widely applicable. But most importantly, he showed me interviewing methods that would help me convey passion and would leave a lasting impression on the interviewers. Thanks to time preparing with Vijay, I had an exceptional interview experiences, and the skills I learned with Vijay will continue to be invaluable in my future career as I continue on to job and academic interviews.

Highly recommended to all individuals applying to jobs, medical school, or any other position that requires interviews. Vijay is really great at what he does.

Alex (Marshall Scholarship and Rhodes Scholarship Programs) – Los Angeles, CA


SOS certainly taught me how to present myself more confidently on interviews, and helped me complete everything there was for college applications.
He expresses his critique in a very kind and sincere manner, which I am very grateful for.
Thanks to him, I feel no matter what colleges I get accepted to, his great advice will direct my mind to a successful future.
I had a very enjoyable & productive experience as his client.
Thank you very much!!

Jannah (College Admissions) – Los Angeles, CA


This experience for college applications got me to look at my future becoming a lot brighter & the help was definitely needed.
John (College Admissions) – Los Angeles, CA

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