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Our resume writers will build a resume focusing on your professional goals, strengths, and accomplishments in a format that hiring managers love.

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Professional Resume Help

Your resume should emphasize how your professional experience, educational background, and leadership activities differentiate you from the competition. It should clearly demonstrate your past achievements rather than provide a laundry list of your job duties and day-to-day activities.

However, why is your resume not getting callbacks?

The average hiring manager spends less than 60 seconds reading your resume—and if it’s not concise and easy to read, it’s going straight in the trash along with your hopes for employment. At Interview SOS, we have helped many of our clients get into top-tier jobs and competitive corporate organizations with unique and impressive resumes.

Interview SOS has helped thousands of job applicants get the job offer they were looking for by creating outstanding professional resumes.

Resume Writing Process

We use the resume format (one-page resume) developed by Harvard Business School because it has been widely proven to help job seekers effectively summarize their academic credentials, marketable skills, and professional achievements in an easy-to-read and digestible manner.

Resume Service Offerings:

We will set up a “resume interview,” whereby one of our professional resume writers interviews you about your work experience, academic background, professional achievements and other pertinent information that will help them craft a personalized resume for you. The resume interview can happen over the phone, in-person, and on Skype (or other video platforms).

Other Services: Need a cover letter, too? We’ve got that covered, with other services which are guaranteed to help you make the most of your professional and academic credentials while simultaneously impressing prospective future employers.

  • Interview-Based Resume Creation ($275) – A professional resume that summarizes your qualifications and credentials effectively based on a 30 minute to 1 hour “Resume Interview.
  • Cover Letter ($125) – A professional cover letter to go with your resume.
  • Thank You Letter ($75) – A professional thank you letter to send after a job interview.
  • Rush Service ($29.99) – Get your resume done within two business days.
  • Resume Critique or Update ($195) – We will review and revise your existing resume to show your accomplishments and credentials. This requires that your existing resume be in a word document format.

Resume Guidelines

  • Our resumes are typically one page, or may be two pages in rare cases
  • We use font types Times New Roman and Calibri for maximum legibility
  • We use font sizes 10, 11 or 12 point
  • Our resume observes the Chicago Manual of Style’s grammatical conventions
  • We use bullet points to highlight important details of your resume
  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—if your resume is already great, we won’t change it
  • We focus on the names of your past (and/or current) employers, your positions and job descriptions, rather than dates of employment
  • Our resumes are divided into different sections, clearly separated by lines
  • We do not include over 4 jobs or over 7 years of work experience on a resume unless it is essential
  • We do not include high school education on resumes unless you are under 20 years old and have not attended college

Resume Writing Service

Our resume writers and career experts have worked in career services at some of America’s top business schools, including Harvard, UCLA, and USC. Our resume experts are former hiring managers at some of America’s leading corporations and nonprofit organizations, spanning over 30 different industries. Interview SOS has helped hundreds of applicants get into many competitive career fields and leading corporate companies in America, including

Our resume consulting sessions can take place anywhere in the world. You can meet us face-to-face at our office in West Los Angeles, or via Skype, FaceTime, Google Chat, and other online video platforms.