The best way to get over your anxiety is being prepared. Spend as much time as you can to get ready for the interview both in researching the company and preparing answers to common interview questions.

If you find that you are still nervous about job interview, than we suggest rehearsing under less than ideal circumstances. Our suggestions are as follows:

Loud Music Strategy

Play some music you don’t like loud enough that it interferes with your thoughts but doesn’t wake the neighbors. Then rehearse your answers to common job interview questions. Don’t try to talk over the music just deal with it. Practicing for your interview under less than ideal circumstances will help you do better.

Insulting Friend Strategy

Ask your friends to help you rehearse for you job interview. Tell them they can say anything mean or insulting they want to say to you (within reason), while they ask you common job interview questions. You cannot respond to their insults, only respond to the job interview question they are asking you.